Brass Barrel

Brass Barrel Project in Weatherford

Brass refers to a broad range of copper-zinc alloys comprising a variety of properties such as ductility, strength, hardness, color, machinability, wear-resistance, antimicrobial, corrosion-resistance, and electrical and thermal conductivity. UNS C44300 brass alloys are one of the types of brass, which also are known as admiralty and arsenical brass.

AS to […]

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Thermal instrumentation laboratory

Thermal instrumentation lab has intelligent digital pressure calibration system and thermal instrument calibration system. This lab was granted many certificates including Temperature instrument calibration device for thermocouple and thermal resistance, thermocouple standard device, calibration devices for thermometer and pressure meter and so on to ensure the accuracy of instruments and make sure that the […]

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Precision Measurement laboratory

Having all in readiness for the measurement instruments for testing the size, coarseness and geometric tolerance of components and have the ability in verifying all the instruments.

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