SANJACK provides customers with various types of oil pumps,Pump Fittings, as well as a variety of standard oil pump parts.


Many internationally renowned companies purchase oil pump parts from SANJACK and assemble them into oil pumps.

The standard parts of the sucker rod pump produced by our company are well-selected, precision-made, stable in quality and excellent in performance, exported to the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa, and we establishes cooperative relationships with international customers such as GE, Shell, and JOHN CRANE.

downhole pump fittings

Pump barrel

SanJack can provide users with thin-wall pump barrels, thick-wall pump barrels and ultra-thick-wall pump barrels.

The nominal diameter covers 1.06 to 4.75 in (27mm~120.7mm) and the length can be up to 34ft (10.4m).

The barrel material covers high quality carbon steel, stainless steel or special alloy steel and brass; the inner hole is treated by chrome plating or nickel- phosphorus alloy plating.

pump barrel

Chrome-plated pump barrel: uniform coating, strong bonding force, coating hardness up to HV100900~1160, excellent wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, widely used.
Nickel-phosphorous alloy plated pump barrel: The coating is uniform and compact, with excellent corrosion resistance and good wear resistance.

Special material pump barrel: The company can also customize special material pump barrels (stainless steel, brass, etc.) according to customer needs.


SanJack can provide users with various standard plungers such as female threaded plunger, male threaded plunger and male threaded plunger with Ni-Cu (nickel copper) alloy joint, and can also customize special specification plunger for users;

The nominal diameter of the plunger covers 106-475 (26.99~120.7mm); the housing of the plunger is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the outer surface is spray-welded with nickel-based alloy.

It has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and is suitable for most production wells.

Valve pairs

SanJack provides users with high-carbon high-chromium stainless steel and hard alloy valve pairs of various specifications, excellent substrate and precise processing.

The factory products are 100% physical testing and sealing performance test according to GB/T 18607 standards.

Stainless steel valve pair: Made of high quality high carbon and high chromium stainless steel, ball hardness 5 8 HRC ~ 6 5 HRC, seat hardness 52HRC ~ 56HRC, high hardness and wear resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for large Oil recovery in most common oil wells.

Carbide valve pair: Made of high quality tungsten cobalt, tungsten cobalt titanium alloy, hardness up to 88HRA ~ 90.5HRA, excellent wear, corrosion and liquid cutting resistance, stable in harsh working conditions.