Pump Plungers

Sanjack manufactures plungers in an assortment of materials and finishes that offer superior wear properties for a wide variety of pumping conditions. Our plungers are made from cold-drawn, seamless-steel tubing, which is machined to size and spray-metal coated. The plungers are precision ground to the exact size as specified by the customer. All plungers are manufactured in strict compliance to meet or exceed current API 11AX and internal specifications.

Sanjack can provide users with various standard plungers such as a female threaded plunger, male threaded plunger, and male threaded plunger with Ni-Cu (nickel-copper) alloy joint, and can also customize special specification plunger for users;

The nominal diameter of the plunger covers 106-475 (26.99~120.7mm); the housing of the plunger is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the outer surface is spray-welded with nickel-based alloy.

Tubing pump plunger

Tubing pump plunger

It has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and is suitable for most production wells.

A full line of plungers is available in sizes 1-1/16 in. through 5-3/4 in.

Steel chrome-plated plungers are provided in pin-end and box-end designs.

Steel with spray-metal coated plungers are offered in regular and nickel-alloy pins.

The nickel alloy pins are friction welded for superior strength. Spray-metal plungers are available in box-end design.

1). Spray-metal, pin-end pump plungers;

Pump Bore


Thread API Number OD Length
1-1/16 0.8750-14 P21-106 1.0625 2ft (0.61m) to 24ft(7.32m)in 1ft(0.305m) increments.
1-1/4 1.0000-14 P21-125 1.2500
1-1/2 1.2500-14 P21-150 1.5000
1-3/4 1.4704-14 P21-175 1.7500
2 1.5604-14 P21-200 2.000
2-1/4 1.8024-14 P21-225 2.2500
2-1/2 2.1095-11-1/2 P21-250 2.5000
2-3/4 2.1095-11-1/2 P21-275 2.7500
3-3/4 3.1715-11-1/2 P21-375 3.7500

2). Spray-metal, box-end pump plungers;

Pump Bore


Thread API Number OD Length
1-3/4 1.5084-14 P23-175 1.7500 2ft (0.61m) to 24ft(7.32m)in 1ft(0.305m) increments.
2-1/4 1.9864-14 P23-225 2.2500
2-3/4 2.3755-11-1/2 P23-275 2.7500
3-3/4 3.3825-11-1/2 P23-375 3.7500


Feature Products

Pump Barrels
  • Maximum diameter 146mm.
  • low carbon steel, SS, Brass.
Pump Plungers
  • Spray welding
  • Chrome plated
Valve Ball & Seat
  • Vacuum tested
  • Meet or exceed the API 11AX Specification.
Valve Rods
  • Steel, alloy steel.
  • stainless steel and brass.
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