Type A rod pump

Sanjck electroplating workshop of the rod pumps enjoys countrywide advanced chrome plating equipment for well type deep hole pump barrel, which can process pump barrels ranging from 1 1/4 in (31.75 mm) to 5 3/4 in (146.05 mm) and with a length up to 34 ft (10363 mm).

  • Our workshop can also do chemical plating on the inner wall of the pump barrel.
  • In addition to conventional material barrels, we also offer stainless steel barrels and brass barrels.
  • Type A rod pump manufacturer

Sanjack sucker rod pump workshop was established in 1964, which has more than 50 years of history.

We have rich experience in production and strong ability in research and development.

The Type A rod pump is widely used in petroleum recovery.

The locking device is located at the top. When the plunger moves, the sand around the locking device can be washed away to prevent the sand card, being easy to operate.

The pump can swing around the pivot point of the top locking device.

When the pumps position in the inclined well, the oil pipe and pump barrel are not damaged, the pump is slightly larger than that of the bottom fixed rod pump in the same fixed position, which is more suitable for low-yield and low-surface wells, and the top fixing device makes the pump itself have gas anchoring effect and can be used in oil wells with more gas.

Application: oil wells with a viscosity around 400mPa-s.

Type A rod pump

Type A rod pump

pumps are heavy wall, stationary barrel, top anchor design insertable pumps. Available with either 3 cup type hold down (RHAC) or with a mechanical lock hold down (RHAM), RHA pumps allow a greater operating depth due to their heavy wall barrel. Insertable pumps can be removed from the well without having to remove the production tubing. Top anchor design means ideal for sandy wells.

An all-metal plunger pump, the type RH rod pump offers heavy-duty construction. The barrels are made from 3/16-in. wall tubing and are externally threaded, which provides extra strength and permits spacing the pump so that the plunger can stroke out both ends of the barrel. This stroke-through design combats buildup of scale on the inside of the pump barrel.

insert pumps are heavy-walled,stationary barrel, top anchor pumps recognized by as a standard design. These pumps are suitable for moderate depths with high sand fallback on well shutdown. Fluid dispersion directly above the seat nipple prevents the pump from becoming stuck in such a situation.

Sucker rod pump tubing pump

Sucker rod pump tubing pump

The heavy-walled barrel is less sensitive to pressure and therefore may be run slightly deeper than the otherwise similar thin-walled insert pumps.

downhole rod pump straightening

Seating options on this pump include mechanical or cup types suitable for high temperatures and mechanical types to simplify well maintenance. A mechanical hold-down does not require repair unless major damage has occurred, whereas cups should be replaced every time the pump is unset. Both hold-down types follow the same procedure of setting by placing the weight of sucker rods down on the pump and unsetting by lifting them up.

Downhole pump oil and gas machining

Downhole pump oil and gas machining

Sanjack sucker rod pump workshop was established in 1964, which has more than 50 years of history. We have rich experience in production and strong ability in research and development.

Down pump depth list /m

Pump diameter

Pump type

31.75 38.1 44.45 50.8 57.15 63.5
RHA 2537 2532 1810 1254
RHA 2099 1799 1172 966

Feature Products

rod pump
  • 20 years certificate
  • Annual output: 15,000 sets..
Type A Rod Pump
  • Lock at the top
  • Crude oil viscosity:400 mPa-s.
Type B Rod Pump
  • Lock at the bottom
  • Crude oil viscosity: below 400 mPa-s
Type T Rod Pump
  • Oil Wells contain a lot of sand
  • Unsuitable for heavy oil
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