475(120.65mm)THM Tubing Pump

Sanjack is the best quality tubing pump supplier in China. To improve the anti-corrosion property and hardness, Surface treatment is required on all the parts of tubing pump according to the requirement of client, spray welding on plunger, chrome-plating on barrel and phosphating on all accessories.

  • Sanjack can finish spray welding process on various kinds of plungers of which the length is within 8 meters
  • and can complete chrome-plating on barrel with ID ranging from 1 1/16’’(26.99mm) to 5 3/4’’ (146.05 mm) and length within 34 ft (10363 mm).
  • 475(120.65mm)THM Tubing Pump Manufacturer and supplier.

Our company can produce all kinds of non-standard large-diameter pumps according to the user’s demand.

At present, our company can produce 413 (Φ 105), 425 (Ф 108), 475 (Ф 120), 531 (Ф 135) and other large-diameter pumps, of which 120 large displacement corrosion-resistant pumps are specially designed and manufactured by our company for shell Netherlands company, with a pump diameter of 120.65mm, a maximum stroke of 9.2m, and a daily liquid output of 151-452m3.

475-120-65mm thm tubing pump

Sanjack oversized tubing pump is the largest pump made with a bore limited in size only by the well casing size.

The design maximizes the flow area throughout the pump for optimal fluid recovery.

These pumps are available in bore sizes up to 5-3/4 in.

The heavy-wall barrels are internally threaded.

End fittings are the same diameter as the barrel OD and connect directly into the barrel.

The top connector has tubing threads reduced to sizes smaller than the pump bore. The assembled pump attaches directly to the tubing and is lowered into the well.

On-off tools are used to connect the sucker rods to the plunger assembly. Tubing drains also are recommended for oversized tubing pumps so that the tubing can be drained as the pump is pulled out of the well.

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The primary advantage of oversized pumps is increased production resulting from the large bore;

however, the tubing must be pulled for service and, being smaller than the pump bore, will cause some fluid acceleration effects.

Barrels and fittings are available in a variety of metallurgies.

Steel barrels can be furnished in one-piece 34-ft (10.36-m) lengths for all sizes.

One-piece 34-ft brass barrels are available in sizes of 2 1/4-in. ID and smaller.

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These pumps are recommended for the following applications:

• High-volume wells with large casing
• Wells where greater capacity is needed in a given tubing size
• Wells of moderate depth with severe pumping conditions

Other features, advantages and benefits of these pumps include:

• Heavy-wall barrel design provides superior strength and rigidity for greater reliability under all conditions, even the harshest pumping environments.

• Since barrels and fittings are available in a wide range of metallurgy, pumps can be tailored to well conditions for maximum cost efficiency and pump life.

The one-piece steel or brass barrels increase reliability by eliminating joints susceptible to failure.

• Barrels and plungers can be quickly assembled, attached to the tubing and lowered into the well.

• A variety of exclusive pump accessories are available to extend range of pump applications for greater versatility, adaptability and value.

475-120-65mm thm downhole pump

475-120-65mm thm downhole pump

1.Adopt spray metal plunger, the accessories are made of special materials and heat treatment. It has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance

2.The traveling valve is lined with a hard layer which improves the wear resistance and impact resistance of the valve cover.

3.Titanium alloy ball and hard alloy valve seat, high hardness, wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

4.The traveling valve is forced to close which effectively improved the fullness.

5.The standing valve can be fished which is easy for pump inspection.

1000m horizontal well.The installation section has a slope of 80 degrees.

The well fluid contains 1000ppm H2S and CO2. The pressure in the pump is 9.5Mpa.

The temperature is 40-220℃, and it does not contain sand.

Model 50-475THM34-3-2-2
Nominal diameter (mm) 120.65
Plunger length (mm) 914.4
Barrel length (mm) 10363
Casing connection (in) 5 1/2
Sucker rod connection (in) 1 1/8
Pump constant (K) 16.4633
Max. O.D.(mm) 153.7
Max. length (m) 1000

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