Annulus thermal recovery pump oil well

The heavy oil wells recovery by cable heating technology can be used for effective recovery of heavy oil, easy to operate, and low cost of exploitation, and it is suitable for heavy oil wells with relatively low viscosity.

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It is suitable for heavy oil wells recovery by cable heating.

And the wells that require cables to heat the crude oil in tubing string.

The test wells that conducts a test in downhole when oil production.

During the downstroke, the volume of the annular cavity (cavity A) decreases as the plunger goes down.

The oil valve and the upper outlet valve opens and the crude oil is discharged into the tubing.

At this point, as the inlet valve is closed, the pressure of the liquid column in the tubing.

By applying the feed valve to the plunger (hydraulic feedback force), the Forced plunger to overcome heavy oil resistance downward.

On stroke, the plunger online, on the oil valve under the action of differential pressure close, cavity A increases, pressure decreases, lower oil inlet valve opens, Crude oil flows into cavity A through hole B.

Annulus thermal recovery oil well pump

It is suitable for electric cable heating to extract oil wells for heavy oil well.

Long plunger and sand stuck prevention pumps are traveling-barrel pumps designed for use in wells where abrasive or dirty fluids are produced.

These pumps use a long, smooth plunger that extends through a relatively short liner section with close tolerances between the two.

The liner works over the full-plunger length without passing over either end.

A sharp corner on the liner wipes the plunger surface clean on each stroke,preventing sand from entering the area between the liner and the plunger.

An oversized top-plunger cage creates turbulence in the chamber above the top liner, further preventing sand from settling in the area.

Annulus thermal recovery pump oil well

Turbulence created by the movement of the barrel assembly during the pumping stroke prevents sand from settling on the hold-down assembly, which could cause the pump to seize in the tubing.

During shutdown, the traveling valve acts as a check valve to prevent sand from entering the pump bore.

Annulus thermal recovery downhole pump oil well


1) Hollow structure, hollow sucker rods can be connected up and down, and cables can be connected to the bottom of the pump in the middle;

2) Both the traveling valve and the fixed valve adopt mechanical ring valves, which can be opened and closed in time, and the sealing is reliable;

3) Do not move the tubing string, the plunger and fixed valve can be lifted out of the hollow sucker rod string for pump inspection.


Heavy oil wells that require heating cables to perform over-pump heating of the crude oil in the pipe string; test wells that require oil extraction and under-pump testing.

1. Hollow structure, the hollow sucker rod can be connected top and bottom and the cable can be passed through the middle to pump.

2. Both traveling valve and standing valve adopt mechanical ring valves which open and close in time and have a reliable seal performance.

3. Pump inspection can be operated without moving tubing string, plunger or standing valve.

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