Anti-blocking tubing-pump

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The anti-blocking pump is designed to solve the problem of falling objects blocking the pump.

The principle of this pump is same with ordinary pumps.

It only adds the sand-fixing anti-burial standing valve which effectively solves the problems of sedimentation of tubing and rod that block the standing valve.

Therefore, the oil well can be produced normally and a lot of post-production work is avoided.

It reduces the pump inspection peroid and extends the maintenance-free period.

anti blocking tubing pump

An oil pump that avoids clogging includes an oil pump body, an oil inlet pipe, and an anti-clogging mechanism.

The oil well pump body is fixedly installed at the top of the anti-clogging mechanism, and the oil inlet pipe is fixedly installed at the bottom of the anti-clogging mechanism.

The mechanism includes a mounting box, which is fixedly connected to the oil well pump body, a first through hole is opened on the top of the mounting box, and the first through hole communicates with the oil inlet of the oil well pump body.

A filter screen is fixedly installed on the inner wall of the top of the box, the filter screen is adapted to the first through hole, and a rotating seat is provided under the filter screen.

The utility model is convenient to use and simple to operate.

It can prevent impurities from entering the pump body during the oil pumping process, avoid damaging the pump, and prevent impurities from adhering to the filter screen, affecting the pumping efficiency, and at the same time,

it can prevent impurities from falling into the oil inlet pipe. And easy to clean up.

anti blocking tubing pump injection

Anti-blocking pump 20-125 1.25(31.75) Standard Lengths are: 2ft (0.61m) to 24ft(7.32m) in 1ft(0.306m) increments. Standard Lengths are: 4ft (1.219m) t034ft(10.363m) in 1ft(0.305m) 2 3/8 NU/EU 3/4in 1.14
25-150 1.5(38.1) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 1.642
25-175 1.75(44.45) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 2.235
25-200 2(50.8) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 3.694
25-225 2.25(57.15) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 3.694
30-250 2.5(63.5) 3 1/2 NU/EU 7/8in 4.56
30-275 2.75(69.85) 3 1/2 NU/EU 7/8in 5.518

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