Dual Channel oil well pump

The machining workshop for sucker rod pumps is equipped with more than 200 sets of equipment, including CNC lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and etc., The raw material of all oil well pump parts should be inspected after heat treatment, the mechanical properties, chemical compositions, and metallographic structures must be inspected by batch.

  • The oil well pump should be inspected several times during the processing procedure.
  • Some key points like the outer diameter of the plunger and the inner diameter of the pump barrel should be 100% inspected.
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1.The special structure forms two working chambers which completes two oil suction and two oil discharge actions in a reciprocating stroke that increases the theoretical displacement compared to ordinary pump.

2.The two working chambers are completely separated from the oil suction and discharge which ensure the two layers of fluid with different physical properties are strictly separated and eliminate interference between layers

dual channel oil well pump

The dual-channel fixed valve of the tubing oil pump, the valve seat is installed on the nozzle of the compression joint,

the valve ball is arranged in the fixed valve seat to couple and seal contact,

the middle of the valve seat is the high pressure valve port, and the high pressure valve port is evenly surrounded by many A low-pressure valve port forms a high-pressure channel and a low-pressure channel,

and the valve ball is pressed on the high-pressure valve port and the low-pressure valve port at the same time.

dual channel downhole pump

The compression joint is provided with a high-pressure channel and a low-pressure channel respectively connected to the high-pressure valve port and the low-pressure valve port of the valve seat High-pressure and low-pressure dual-flow channel structure.

The fixed valve is designed with a scientific jet suction principle,

and two channels are closed and opened at the same time with a fixed valve ball to realize the layered oil recovery function, which can not only effectively control the high-pressure layer back to the low-pressure layer,

but also make full use of The high-pressure layer energy jet sucks the low-pressure layer liquid flow to fully tap the potential of the low-pressure, low-water-bearing oil layer.

By simply combining with the conventional tubular pump, the layered oil recovery effect of the separate pumping and mixing pump and the double-acting pump can be realized.

Oil wells or test wells where two oil layers need to be produced at the same time and the produced fluids do not interfere with each other can be measured and calculated separately.

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