Integral anti-corrosion sucker rod pump

Sanjack Petro manufactures Integral anti-corrosion sucker rod pump in China. We have our own factory of Integral anti-corrosion sucker rod pump. Sanjack Petro provide the high quality and competitive price on Integral anti-corrosion sucker rod pump for you. Contact us now for Integral anti-corrosion sucker rod pump quotation. Integral Anti-Corrosion Sucker Rod Pump has the following characteristics.

  • Suitable for high yield oil Wells.
  • The main parts are made of stainless steel.

Integral anti-corrosion sucker rod pump

The integral and anti-corrosion pump is suitable for high-yield oil well with sufficient liquid supply and large diameter oil well pump to improve liquid output, which solves the problems of tool matching and well fluid corrosion.

The integral ultra-strong corrosion-resistant pump is suitable for oil production in oil wells with sufficient liquid supply but high content of H2S, CO2 and other corrosive media in the well fluid. The pump barrel is chrome plated with high-quality stainless steel matrix, the accessories are mostly made of austenitic stainless steel,

and the cemented carbide valve pair is used, which greatly enhances the overall corrosion resistance of the oil well pump.

integral anti corrosion tubing pump

The pump with an anticorrosive oil well pump to enhance the corrosion resistance and impact resistance of the oil well pump and valve cover, and is suitable for oil wells with high salinity, easy corrosion and valve cover fracture.

integral anti corrosion downhole pump

During the pumping process of conventional oil well pumps, sand particles can easily enter the sealing gap and cause wear on the pump barrel and plunger.

Due to the action of the sand scraping ring, the diameter of the sand particles in the well fluid through the filter sand screen is smaller than the size of the sealing gap, which will not cause wear to the pump barrel and plunger, and will not be sand stuck;

It is different from the sealing ring of a soft seal pump: the pressure at the upper and lower ends is balanced, and the positive pressure with the pump barrel is only its own elastic force.

Therefore, the wear is small and the service life is long.


1. Sand control: During the normal swabbing process, since sand particles will not deposit in the wedge-shaped gap at the oil outlet valve, sand sticking will never occur.

2. Long life: Because large-diameter sand cannot enter the gap between the pump barrel and the plunger, it will not wear the plunger and the pump barrel, the gap leakage is almost unchanged, the pump efficiency drops slowly, and the high pump efficiency is long.

3. Simple structure, low cost, few wearing parts and low failure rate.

4. The construction operation is exactly the same as the conventional pump, with simple operation and convenient maintenance.

It is suitable for conventional oil wells with pump inlet temperature less than 100℃, sand content less than 0.5‰, and crude oil viscosity less than 3000mPa·S.

Model Nominal diameter (mm) Stroke (m) Tubing connection (in) Sucker rod connection (in) Pump constant (K) Max. O.D.


25-225THZTF 57.2 1.8~9 2 7/8 3/4 3.694 92


69.9 3 1/2 7/8 5.518 108


82.6 3 1/2 7/8 7.707 114


95.3 3 1/2 1 10.261 117

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