Main accessories of Metering pump

In addition to the motor, transmission case and cylinder block, the metering pump also has some accessories that are not part of the pump body but can play an important role such as valves, diaphragms and dampers. These components also play an indispensable role in metering. Sanjack has rich experience in manufacturing metering pump accessories and can produce various products to meet customer requirements

According to on-site request, metering pumps can be equipped with various accessories. The most commonly used ones in actual production are safety valves, back pressure valves, dampers, diaphragms, etc.

Safety valve

The safety valve can release the pressure in time when the pressure of the system and pipeline is too high, so it is often used as a pressure relief valve. It plays a protective role in the metering pump system and can also complete the task of liquid recovery.

Common materials: PVC, SUS304, SUS316, PTFE

Common pipe diameter: DN10, DN15, DN25, DN32, DN40

Back pressure valve

When the pressure of pipeline or equipment container is unstable, the back pressure valve can maintain the pressure required by the pipeline, so that the pump can output flow normally. In addition, siphon often occurs at the outlet of the pump due to gravity or other effects, and the back pressure valve can reduce the flow and pressure fluctuations caused by siphon.

Similar to the safety valve, the back pressure valve is a necessary safeguard device. They are also similar in material and size.

Common materials: PVC, SUS304, SUS316, PTFE

Common diameter: DN10, DN15, DN25, DN32, DN40


The damper can reduce the pulsation generated by the operation of the metering pump by 95%. It is generally installed on the outlet pipeline and close to the metering pump. It is used in high-risk places and is equipped with a PTFE membrane inside.

Common material: PVC SUS304 SUS316 with PTFE lining

Common diameter: DN10 DN15 DN25 DN32 DN40


Diaphragm can be used as diaphragm or with damper, and is an important accessory of metering pump

  1. Material: metal + PTFE, rubber + PTFE, quenched PTFE
  2. Features: It is mainly used for metering pump to transport various acid and alkali resistant liquid medicines, with strong corrosion resistance

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