RHBC Anti-sand Centralizing Rod Pump

The raw material of rod pump parts should be inspected after heat treatment, the mechanical properties, chemical compositions and metallographic structures must be inspected by batch.

  • The rod pump parts should be inspected several times during the processing procedure.
  • Some key points like the outer diameter of the plunger and the inner diameter of the pump barrel should be 100% inspected.
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Anti-sand Centralizing Rod Pump

On the basis of the conventional rod pump, the sand blocking valve, centralizer and annular sand settling device are added to the pump, which solves the problems of sand burying.

anti sand centralizing oil well pump

The sand control oil well pump adopts a long plunger, a short pump barrel and a sand sinking and lateral oil intake structure.

Mainly composed of: long plunger, short pump barrel, two-way joint, sand set outer barrel, oil inlet and outlet valve, hydraulic connection pump sand ring and other parts.

rhbc anti sand centralizing rod pump

The working principle of sand control card and sand grinding is to use the combined action of sand retaining ring and leakage liquid to prevent sand particles from entering the sealing gap between the plunger and the pump barrel, thereby eliminating sand jams and reducing the wear of the pump barrel and the plunger.

Protect the surface strengthening layer.

When the oil well stops pumping, the sunken sand particles will sink into the lower tailpipe of the pump along the sand settling annulus, and will not accumulate on the pump like a conventional pump, avoiding sand burying the sucker rod.

rhbc anti sand centralizing downhole pump


① The sand control pump can prevent sand from burying the sucker rod when the pump is stopped, and prevent sand from jamming the plunger during operation.

In particular, it can effectively prevent sand particles from entering the sealing gap between the plunger and the pump barrel, causing damage to the pump barrel and the plunger.

The intense wear. As the wear is reduced, the surface strengthening layer of the plunger and the pump barrel is not easily damaged, and the substrate is not directly contacted with corrosive media.

Therefore, the same surface treatment process is adopted, and its corrosion resistance is better than that of conventional pumps.

② The damage of the oil well pump used in sand-bearing oil wells is the main reason for excessive valve or gap leakage.

The pump can effectively prevent sanding and reduce corrosion, so the service life of the pump will be greatly extended.

③The oil output resistance of the sand control pump is small, and there is no blocking when going down, so the lower rod string is not easy to bend, and the phenomenon of partial wear of the rod tube is improved.

④ There are no special requirements during the use of the sand control pump.

All valves and valve covers are made of standard parts.

The disassembly and assembly are also very convenient.

The tool teams of all oil production plants have the ability to maintain.


  1. With locking device at bottom, the barrel will not be extended due to the action of liquid column, and the clearance will not increase. So it’s more suitable for deep wells;
  2. A valve blocking device is added to prevent the sand from falling back into barrel, resulting in sand stuck for plunger;
  3. A centralizer is added to increase pump stability and avoid bottom seal failure due to pump swinging;
  4. Sand channel is added to prevent pump from being buried by sand.

1.Suitable for pump depth is within 2900m and well liquid viscosity below 400cP

2.Suitable for wells which has frequent sand stuck when stopping pumping.

3.Suitable for wells with sand cut≤2%

Not Applicable:

1.Wells has high gas cut and frequent gas locking.

2.Must not be used on or below inflection point.

Model 25-125RHBC 25-150RHBC 25-175RHBC
Nominal Diameter(mm) 31.8 38.1 44.5
Stroke(m) 1.8~9.8
Tubing size(in) 2 7/8
Sucker rod size (in) 3/4
Pump constant(K) 1.14 1.642 2.235
Max. O.D.(mm) 49 59

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