Rotation-Plunger sucker rod pump

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1)Add a rotator on an ordinary pump which not only has a rotation function, but also has a function of anti-dropping.

2)The rotary plunger is used to automatically rotate under the action of oil flow.


Suitable for oil wells which are worn due to non-inclined well factors.

The sucker rod string rotary plunger pump pumping system uses a ground rotation drive device to drive the drive head to rotate around a vertical axis, and drive the downhole sucker rod string to rotate around the vertical axis, and the downhole intermediate power conversion mechanism will rotate in one direction.

It is converted into a reciprocating linear motion, thereby driving the plunger of the plunger pump to move up and down to pump oil.

The system is controlled by a power distribution box.

The motor drives the bevel gear transmission mechanism to rotate through a belt drive. The vertical bevel gear drives the square card, polished rod and sucker rod string to rotate.

rotation plunger sucker rod pump

The sucker rod string passes through the coupling and the power conversion mechanism.

Flange connection, the upper flange, shaft sleeve and sleeve are fixed on the outer cylinder with screws, and the guide block with rollers on it is fixed on the shaft sleeve with screws, and it is embedded in the circulating track on the camshaft.

rotation plunger

When the sucker rod passes through When the flange and the outer cylinder drive the shaft sleeve to rotate, the roller on the guide block screw rotates with the shaft sleeve and also moves in the circular track on the camshaft.

Because the lower part of the camshaft is equipped with a guiding feather key, a fixed feather key sleeve The rotation of the guide feather key is restricted to ensure that the roller moves in the cyclic track on the camshaft while driving the camshaft to reciprocate up and down, thereby driving the pump plunger to move up and down, so that the plunger pump lifts the crude oil.

For the first time, the motion conversion mechanism is set in a wellbore with a diameter of less than 80mm, and the camshaft of the core component can be reciprocated up and down by realizing the unidirectional rotation of the motor.

Its application value is much higher than that of the power conversion mode that the screw can reciprocate up and down by motor commutation.

rotation plunger downhole pump

The system effectively solves the problems of rod and tube eccentric wear in the pumping unit-plunger pump lifting system, the total weight of the ground equipment of the pumping unit, and the useless work of lifting the sucker rod,

avoiding the stator of the screw pump pumping system Interference friction with the rotor rubber-steel body leads to a relatively short life, high downhole temperature can also cause seal failure,

and it has the advantages of a plunger pump lifting system and a screw pump oil extraction device-simple structure, reliable operation,

High transfer efficiency, low energy loss, and strong adaptability to well depth are a major innovation and breakthrough in China’s traditional oil extraction equipment.

Type Size Parameters
Basic Dia., in
Plunger Length,ft
Barrel Length,ft
Tubing Size Rod Size Pump Constant
Rotation-Plunger pump 25-175 1.75(44.45) Standard Lengths are: 2ft (0.61m) to 24ft(7.32m) in 1ft(0.306m) increments. Standard Lengths are: 4ft (1.219m) t034ft(10.363m) in 1ft(0.305m) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 2.235
25-225 2.25(57.15) 2 7/8 NU/EU 3/4in 3.694

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