Suspension sucker rod pump

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The suspension pump adopts the method of barrel suspension to prevent the deformation of the pump in the deep well which is suitable for the production of deep wells.


Suitable for wells using conventional tubing pumps and can greatly increase the pump hanging depth and the length of the hanging tail pipe.

suspension sucker rod pump

Suspension pumps are designed and developed based on conventional whole barrel pumps.

Its plunger assembly and pump barrel are exactly the same as conventional oil well pumps and are interchangeable.

The fixed valve assembly has a similar structure and the same performance as the fixed valve assembly of a conventional oil well pump.

During operation, the upper part of the pump is inserted into the tubing through the inner and outer pipe threads of the upper joint, and all downhole loads are loaded on the tubing, thus ensuring that the pump barrel is not damaged.

suspension downhole pump

Working principle: When the tail pipe under the pump is long or there are downhole tools such as a packer under the pump, the pump body is stressed.

If the whole barrel pump is used, it will cause the pump barrel to deform, shrink the diameter, and reduce the actual sealing gap.

The pump barrel of the suspended pump does not bear the influence of microtube gravity and downhole tools.

The force condition is:

the gravity of the tail pipe of the pump — the lower joint — the outer tubing of the pump — the upper joint — the upper tubing of the pump — the wellhead.


1. Before lowering the pump, check the tubing with a gauge.

2. Do not use beyond the stroke.

3. It is strictly prohibited to use it at the inflection point and its lower part.

4. A screen pipe needs to be connected under the pump.

5. When used in sand wells, sand control devices must be equipped under the pump for sand control treatment.

6. It cannot be used in oil wells with high gas content.

1.Anti-bending characteristics: special bridge-type structure, the barrel is suspended in the outer barrel. It does not withstand pressure, does not bend and fundamentally solves the problem of bending of the pump when it is equipped with a packer.

2.Anti-abrasion. Because the pump barrel will not bend, the gap between the plunger and the pump barrel is uniform which reduces the abrasion between plunger and barrel due to the bending of the seal, which can extend the service life of the pump and improve the pump efficiency.

3.Anti-leakage. It can be seen from the formula of the clearance loss of the pump that the relative eccentricity of the pump is zero which prevents the leakage caused by the eccentricity of the plunger and the pump barrel. It reduces the clearance loss and improves the pump efficiency.

Model Nominal diameter (mm) Stroke (m) Tubing connection (in) Sucker rod connection (in) Pump constant (K) Max. O.D.


25-125THXG 31.8 1.8~9 2 7/8 3/4 1.140 89.5
25-150THXG 38.1 1.642


44.5 2.235
25-200THXG 50.8 2.919 108


57.2 3.694


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