THC tubing pump

Sanjack is the only manufacturer in China which can product all the parts of tubing pump. Meanwhile, the precision rolling pipe plant of Sanjack is the main supplier of pump barrel for other tubing pump manufacturers in China.

  • Multi-inspection, including self-inspection, teammate-inspection and inspector-inspection, shall be done during the machining process of tubing pump parts.
  • Some key points, like the outer diameter of the pump plunger and thread accuracy, shall be 100% multi-inspected.
  • All the tubing pump parts shall be marked with track number by the laser engraving machines.
THC Tubing Pump

Tubing pump is suitable for corrosion and a small amount of sand and gas, deep wells, such as complex well conditions, the use of safe, stable performance, and wide application.

Under operation easy to operate, economical and practical, it can reduce oil field operation cost by more than 30%.

In the process of production, when the traveling valve and standing valve have problems, they can be put out of the well through the rod string, plunger, and puller, without put the whole pump and tubing string out of the well, reduce the labor intensity of operation, reduce the operation cost.
thc tubing pump
TH pumps are heavy wall, stationary barrel, bottom anchor design tubing pumps.

Available with 3 cup type hold down (THC). TH pumps give the largest possible bore size for a given tubing size, meaning the maximum amount of displacement with each stroke and therefore the greatest possible production.

THC tubing pumps are heavy-walled, stationary barrel pumps recognized byas a standard design.

They are often used in wells that produce more fluid than an insert rod pump can accommodate.

Unlike insert pumps, the working barrel of these pumps is a section of the tubing string, which enables them to displace more fluid than insert pumps.

The hold down is an independent piece that is typically inserted in the assembly prior to field delivery.

The travelling assembly is installed on the end of the sucker rod string.

larger sucker rod pump assembling

The TH tubing pumps feature heavy-walls and full-barrels.

These pumps can be assembled with:

•Box-end and pin-end plungers;
•Tap-type or lock-type, standing-valve pullers;

All-metal, heavy-wall-barrel tubing pumps combine heavy-duty construction and a stroke-through design with the largest bore possible for any given tubing size to maximize production.

The one-piece barrel eliminates joints susceptible to failure under working loads and is precision honed from end to end to ensure a perfect bore for the plunger and increase pumping efficiency.

plunger pump oil well honing


These pumps are recommended for the following applications:
• Wells where greater capacity is needed in a given tubing size
• Wells of any depth with severe pumping conditions
• Wells with scale problems
• Deep wells


Heavy-wall, one-piece barrel with special barrel couplings provides a positive seal and superior assembly strength and rigidity to perform in the harshest environments.

• Extension nipples threaded into the barrel couplings permit the plunger to stroke out of the barrel at each end of the stroke. This stroke-through design combats buildup of scale on the inside of the pump barrel.

• Components are offered in a broad range of materials so that pumps can be tailored to any environment for maximum cost efficiency and pump life.

• A variety of exclusive pump accessories extends the range of pump applications to provide greater versatility, adaptability and value.

THC Tubing Pump:

Pump code 25-106TH 25-125TH 25-150TH 25-175TH 25-200TH 25-225TH 30-250TH 30-275TH 40-325TH 40-375TH
Basic pump diameter 1  1/16 1 1/4 1 1/2 1 3/4 2 2 1/4 2 1/2 2 3/4 3 1/4 3 3/4
(27.00) (31.8) (31.8) (44.5) (50.8) (57.2) (63.5) (69.9) (82.6) (95.3)
Plunger length ≤26(7925)
Pump barrel length ≤34(10363)
Stroke ft (mm) ≤32(9754)
Connecting tubing thread 2 7/8 NU(EU) 3 1/2 NU(EU) 4NU 4EU
Connecting sucker rod thread 3/4 in 7/8 in 1 in
Theoretical displacement 0.824 sn 1.140 sn 1.642 sn 2.235 sn 2.918 sn 3.694sn 4.560 sn 5.518 sn 7.707 sn 10.261 sn
Maximum outer diameter (mm) 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 4.25 4.25 4.5 4.6
(88.9) (88.9) (88.9) (88.9) (88.9) (88.9) (108) (108) (114.3) (117)

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