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Sanjack is the world famous professor of downhole pump solutions. Sanjack downhole pump factory was established in 1964, which has more than 50 years history. We have rich experience in production and strong ability in research and development. Our products include various series of tubing pumps, rod pumps and special sucker rod pumps. We obtained 32 national technology patents in sucker rod pump. These products have been exported to SHELL, CHEVRON, GE, SCHLUMBERGER, NOV, JOHNCRANE, CAMERON, KBM etc. Our annual production capability is 15,000 sets. If you are looking for sucker rod pump manufacturers in China, Sanjack Sucker Rod Pump is your best choice. It is one of the best sucker rod pump manufacturers in China.

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Sanjack Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturers

Sanjack design & manufacture Rod Pump, Tubing Pump, Heavy Oil Recovery Downhole Pump, Large Displacement Tubing Pump, Sand Well Recovery Sucker Rod Pump, Anti-corrosion downhole pump, Deep well oil well pump, Inclined well insert pump..

Why Sanjack Petro Exported

60+ Countries

  • 40+ years of sucker rod pump manufacturing experience.
  • 20 years of downhole pump manufacturing experience.
  • Participated in the draw up of the national standard of downhole pump
  • Sanjack Subsidiaries in 5 countries and offices in 20 countries.
  • SanJack Supplies to Schlumberger, GE and Shell.

How We Control Quality

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Sanjack Petro owns world-class laboratories

Metallographic test equipment
  • Hardness test.
  • Impact test.
  • Metallographic test.
  • Carbon and sulfur analyzer
  • Spectrum analyzer.
  • Wet chemical analysis
  • CMM
  • Length measuring equipment(2m).
  • Roughness measuring .
  • Piston Gauge
  • Thermocouple Calibrator

Typical Applications Of Sucker Rod Pumps

  • Brass Barrel.
  • Project in Weatherford.
baker hughes GE
  • Pump Fittings.
  • Project in GE.
shell oil
  • Large Displacement Tubing Pump.
  • Project in Shell.
  • SS Downhole Pump.
  • Project in Schlumberger.

Sanjack Petro Sucker Rod Pump Projects

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Project 5
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Project 8
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Commonly Asked Questions on Sucker Rod Pump.

What is largest downhole pump you can supply?
The largest size of sucker rod pump is 375. Years ago, we designed 50-475THM sucker rod pump as the requirements of Royal Shell. This sucker rod pump is out of and it is designed completely by our own technical engineers and have a great fame in Shell. And Shell orders this sucker rod pump every year from us.
Meanwhile, we supplied a lot of 575 pump barrel to Weatherford. Sanjack sucker rod pump is one of the most professional real sucker rod pump manufacturers. When you are looking for sucker rod pump manufacturers in China, we should find the real manufacturers, not through trading companies or middle companies.
Do you have sucker rod pump that used for sour wells?
For the oil wells with sour condition will have a very high requirements for the anti-corrosion performance of the sucker rod pump. The sour condition will cause strong corrosion to the sucker rod pump. Therefore, the sucker rod pump needs to choose anti-corrosion materials. For the wells with sour condition, we have stainless steel sucker rod pump and brass sucker rod pump for option. Both of them have good performance at anti-corrosion.
What material do you have for valves?
We have several material options for valves. We have stainless steel valve. This material valves have a competitive prices and most widely used. Also we have hard alloy valves. Like tungsten carbide, Titanium carbide,Cobalt alloy and so on. The alloy valves have high hardness, high density and strong anti-corrosion ability. It is suitable for the exploitation of heavy oil wells and sandy wells. We also have ceramic valves. This valves has anti-magnetization, strong impact resistance and strong corrosion resistance. But its cost is a little expensive.
Do you have sucker rod pump which is suitable for inclined oil well?
We have special pump which is used for inclined oil wells. This pump has special structure of traveling valve and standing valve which can force the valve ball to fall back timely and accurately. And its plunger rotates automatically while working can prevent the plunger from being lopsided worn. For this pump, it can be apply to the oil well of high content of gas and the degree of inclination is less than 30°.
How to pack the sucker rod pump and parts?
We can pack the sucker rod pump and parts as client’s requirements. If the customer has no special requirements, normally we pack the sucker rod pump and parts in a wooden crate with fumigation-free material that suitable for long distance transportation.
How your company control the quality in the sucker rod pump and parts production?
1). Our company has a provincial level physical and chemical laboratory, and we conduct physical and chemical performance experiments on each batch of raw materials entering the factory.
2). And we have a complete quality management system complying with the requirements of ISO . More details about the quality, we maintain the very strict QC procedures.
3). Any procedure during the production or before the delivery from the plant, we accept the inspection of any Third Party Institute as the client’s requirement.
Can you supply sucker rod pump or special sucker rod pump?
If the customer orders pump parts, we need the drawings for reference and we can manufacture as the customer’s drawings and requirement.
We can do the design as the special sucker rod pump with the oil well conditions provided by the customer.
Can your sucker rod pump parts be interchangeable with others?
Normally, all the sucker rod pump parts are manufactured according . Through there are some difference between different factories. But those parts can be interchangeable that because the has specified the connection dimensions.
How to choose sucker rod pump for thermal recovery?
We have special sucker rod pump used for thermal recovery. This pump with special structure that reduces the resistance on plunger, suitable for heavy oil recovery. It has sealing & rotary device which can relieve the reverse torque of making up or breaking out the tubing, making the operation easy. And it can drain the oil when need inspecting the pump. For this sucker rod pump, it can be applied to oil wells with viscosity of crude oil no bigger than 4000Mpa.s or the oil wells with sand cut no more than 1.2%.
What is warranty of sucker rod pump and parts?
Normally, we will provide a 12 months period for warranty. During this period, if there is any quality problems of our sucker rod pump or parts. After received the Nonconformity Report, we will provide the pump parts free.

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